Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Muslim Addresses a Chosen Few


  1. IDIOT, when are you going to grow up? I would presume never.

    My grandfather died in the holocaust.and I don't see the humor in anything that YOU have to say. All I can see is a child looking for attention.

  2. I feel bad for your grandfather. Who could have known that his descendents would turn into a bunch of free speech silencing politcal enforcers?

    He's probably rolling over in his grave now.

  3. One can only hope that YOUR grandfather's descendents find a rotten place in HELL.

  4. Lighten up Maddenning World. Nobody likes a mindless pc twit.

  5. Why all the dumb and tasteless jokes about Jews, where are the jokes about NIGGERS and SPICS?


  7. Obama's 2013 New Year's Resolutions:

    Party with Secret Service one last time .
    Pack up White House silverware.
    Cut prices for Presidential Pardons.
    Fire up paper shredders.
    Delete teleprompter porno.
    Flip off Hillary Clinton.
    Get medical marijuana card.
    Ask Chris Matthews for a date.
    Throw Eric Holder under the bus.
    Throw Joe Biden under the short bus.

  8. Barack Obama wanted to prove that he's tough on illegal immigration, so he ordered his Aunt to be deported to Hawaii.

  9. if you want to live in a Police State, or you are set up mentally to view anything and everything through liberal eyes only, especially at a clear evaluation of a political kind, well that's on you, and you are wrong.

    If a Jew, or anyone for that matter, cares about peace, cares about Israel and cares about the people of Israel, We must stand up to bigotry and stupidity.

    Speaking within the US political systems and what we see everyday, I don't see the republicans starting all this race conflict, I see the democrats couching everything in race, doing that and living in the past of segregation, racism and liberal elitism. I see liberal leaders benefiting from keeping the party living in the past.

    If you love our country and also Israel, then more power to you. Stop voting for people you will eventually subjugate you and yours again.

    If you don't, then be damned and that's the last word about the subject I have to say.

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